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Get your device repaired in just three easy steps

If the glass/LCD is cracked, has a distorted image, no image, or is malfunctioning.
Charging Port
If you have to hold the phone at a certain angle to charge it.
If you are able to hear people on your phone but the person you are talking to cannot hear you.
Home button
If you placed your thumb over the home button and your Phone didn't unlock.
If you have to strain to hear voices on the other end of a call, or having trouble hearing your voice on the other end of your phone.
If the rear camera lens is cracked, scratched, or worn out.
Power Button
Power button is not working, or it stopped working and the mobile phone won’t switch on.
If your phone running out of battery too quickly, or your phone died and now won't power on or charge.
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If the glass/LCD is cracked, has a distorted image, no image, or is malfunctioning.
Charging Port
If you have to hold the tablet at a certain angle to charge it.
Mic is not picking up/ recognizing any sound/ you may hear a crackling noise, or sounds may be unclear in your recordings.
Home button
The home button doesn't click anymore and has stopped working.
It won't produce sound/ You can't hear people unless switched to speakerphone.
The rear camera lens is cracked, scratched, or worn out?
Power Button
If you can press down your tablet power button, but nothing happens when you do
Battery is Draining Fast.
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Diagnosing Your Device
Our free diagnostic services are just the beginning.
If the glass/LCD is cracked, has a distorted image, no image, or is malfunctioning.
Power Jack Replacement
If your laptop battery is not charging or at the point where it does not power up anymore.
If your Laptop key is sticky or any of it's missing, or the keyboard isn't working at all.
If your machine is older than two years, and has never had its fans cleaned.tiny particles of dust and dirt, sucked into the machine by the action of the fan, clog up the blades.
Computer acting up and running hotter/ system fans running full speed all the time/ CPU performance is being throttled and running slower than it should.
Laptop's battery has been dying too quickly or just not charging at all.
Slow computers, outdated software, and viruses.
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No picture or a “no signal” message on your screen/If the light on the console does not turn white.
Hard Drive
External Hard Drive failure, not recognised, malware infections.
If you feel no airflow, strange noises.
If the PS4 monitor is flashing or displaying dots and lines or system won’t power on.
D-Pad stopped working, PS4 Analog Stick is Drifting, Sticking, & Jittery.
Not reading your game discs or read and ejects a disc by itself during gameplay.
Cracked or Touch Screen not Responding.
Watch battery drain, or dies too quickly.
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How Does It Works

Get your device repaired in just three easy steps

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Step 1. Tell us your Issue

Help us detailing the device problem to get it working properly again.

Step 2. Get repair estimate

Check the repair Price estimate.

Step 3. Bring or courier device

Handover your device at our office or chooses device pickup, courier and a doorstep service.

Our Advantages

We can Solve your Hardware and Software Problems

90 Day Warranty on ALL Repairs

We fully stand behind their repairs with a full 90 Day warranty from the date of repair!

Premium Grade Parts

We only use premium grade parts to repair your devices. Here, we source them from manufacturers who provide the highest quality available on the market.

Over 20,000 Devices Repairs

Rest easy knowing that our technicians are fully certified. Further, they’ve repaired thousands of devices before yours!

Low Price Guarantee

Getting your device repaired shouldn’t break the bank. We offer low price guarantees. That’s why we pride ourselves on our affordable device repair technicians.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

We can Solve your Hardware and Software Problems

Buy, Sell, Trade

Don’t want to fix your phone? Just want the latest gadget?

We have many options to get you and your device going again. Did you sign a service contract with your cell phone carrier? If so, it doesn’t mean you have to keep a phone that you’re no longer happy with.

  • We will give you cash for your used or broken device.
  • We will come to you to collect your device & pass you cash.
  • Sit back & relax. Enjoy our service at your convenience.

Our Technicians are Ready to Fix Your Device!

Visit any of our local device repair offices. From iPhones to iPads, your local office can fix your tablet or laptop in 30-45 minutes. Our Experts can repair even the latest and greatest computer or cell phone.


Professionally Certified

We set the industry standard for device repair. Besides, Cell Phone Fix’s Certification program ensures the best phone or computer repair experts in Brooklyn.

Rigorously Verified

FLM 380 features multiple interviews, background checks, and certification requirements. All these guarantees we are the best at repairing your devices.

Completely Prepared

Rest assured that each repair made by your Cell Phone Fix is at a location of your choice. Plus, device repairs come with our Lifetime Warranty.

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