Repairs for Apple iPhone Devices | Understanding Damages and Replacements

Affordable apple iphone device repairs and replacements brooklyn

Many stores have suspended some or even closed their services during the Coronavirus Outbreak. It’s annoying to have your Apple iPhone device damaged and dispose of it only because your hometown or city can’t help with the fix. However, did you know that you can still enjoy affordable iPhone repair services online?

Based on Clarkson Ave, Brooklyn, FLM 380 WIRELESS is here to help you with any cell phone repair or replacement. Plus, you get to meet certified technicians who will transform your damaged Apple device into operation status. Besides, we’re an independent repair shop you can seek help from our techs, from battery replacements to screen repairs.

Knowing when your iPhone needs repair, or is damaged

Cell phones are very fragile technology. That’s why they might need maintenance from time to time. It is essential to learn what repairs are standard and what repairs are a little more “out of the ordinary” to know what repairs your phone would require down the line.

all iPhone Repair and replacement from FLM 380 wireless brooklyn online

In this post, we’ll discuss the common repair for your Apple iPhone. Read till the end to learn the general maintenance problems that we can fix at, FLM 380 WIRELESS.

Common iPhone Problems & Fixes

iPhone Screen Repair

Many Apple users have had an iPhone with a damaged screen. And if not, he may have experienced it from either with a friend or a family member. Besides, it is the most common problem that iPhone users face because of the iPhone screen’s sensitivity.

At FLM 380 WIRELESS, we face many cases of clients unintentionally dropping their Apple devices. And since the iPhone screen is so delicate, it may cause the screen to break from a nominal height. Luckily, the missing or defective iPhone screen can be repaired.

iPhone Screen Repair and replacement from FLM 380 wireless services

Is the broken screen of your iPhone stopping you from loving all the wonderful capabilities of your handset? FLM 380 iPhone Repair services make operating (and looking) on your iPhone screen as easy as fresh. Our team of technicians has years of experience in repairing any basic iPhone problem, including broken LCD and smashed screens.

iPhone Water Damage

Another very common concern is water damage. When users carry their Apple iPhones nearly everywhere, their devices can be submerged in the bathroom or dipped into the sink from time to time. In the end, water damage cannot be reversed.

iPhone Water Damage Repair and replacement from FLM 380 wireless services

Water damage to your iPhone will cause a host of problems on the way, from swelling batteries to malfunctioning motherboards. Accidents arise, but this doesn’t mean that you have a pricey new alternative device to blow the whole budget. For fast and inexpensive repair service, seek help from FLM 380 technicians when your iPhone has gone for a swim or need repairs.

iPhone Charging Port

Indeed, charging port damage and repairing is another common problem. Charging ports are a part of your telephone, which you use very frequently and at least once a day. This means that the wear and tear (on iPhone charging port) will take a while, so it will need maintenance or repairs before you hit your device full life expectancy.

iPhone Charging Port iPhone Damage Repair and replacement from FLM 380 wireless services Brooklyn

Is your Apple iPhone hardly keeping its battery charged without a working charging port? Contact us, and we’ll patch yours if it stops running.

iPhone Front/Rear Camera

A missing or vaguely ambiguous camera lens is also a very common problem mentioned by many Apple device users. Because of the photographic enjoyment that the camera offers, many people enjoy the iPhone. This is a great issue for them. This is why it has made our list of the most frequent the common iPhone repairs.

Many ways of lens cleaning with a tissue or spray are feasible, but the phone also takes blurred images. It is most likely. Thus, the only way to get the lens fixed in this case.

iPhone Front or Rear Camera iPhone Repair and replacement from FLM 380 wireless Brooklyn services

If a sensor does not operate, 12 megapixels and optical image stabilization features are wasted. Are the images blurred above and beyond all recognition? Let’s put an iPhone patch in order.

iPhone Microphone

We see several defective speakers on iPhones. The owner of an older iPhone generation faces the microphone problem that doesn’t fit in certain situations.

After many years of use, your iPhone speakers will get “worn out,” where nothing can be heard. The problem continues even though your phone is not in silent mode. That could suggest that such iPhone devices need repairs or replacement for the microphone. After all, issues with your iPhone’s microphone can make calls and audio recording impossible.

iPhone Microphone iPhone Repair and replacement from FLM 380 wireless services in Brooklyn

Is it hard for friends and family to hear your voice? Something like soil or dust may be trapped in your mic. Take a look and give it a nice clean if necessary. Contact us, and we’re going to arrange how to fix your Apple device if cleaning doesn’t work.

Headphone Jack

There’s no concern with the new Apple models when you don’t have a headphone jack. So, stop adding pressure on the headphone port by positioning the headphone jack vigorously or wiping it around.

iPhone Headphone Jack iPhone Repair and replacement from FLM 380 wireless Online services Brooklyn

Crackling, static sounds from the earpiece of your iPhone could cause hardware trouble. You would require to repair the Apple device to avoid trouble hearing distinctly from your earpiece.

Volume Buttons

You often use the volume keys, possibly daily. It’s the same whether it is an iPhone user or any other mobile manufacturer’s user.

iphone Volume Buttons iPhone Repair and replacement from FLM 380 wireless  services brooklyn online

Volume buttons are used mainly to raise or decrease telephone volumes. Nevertheless, some camera apps allow the user to snap photos with the volume icon. Extensive use for more extended periods will lead to a defective Apple device with volume buttons. This may be the case for most people, but many users still found themselves having to fix their iPhone’s volume keys. We can help, too.

Fast Battery Drain. 

You will find loads of tutorials to repair your iPhone battery. Sadly, you will further break the iPhone if you’re doing otherwise.

iPhone fast battery drain iPhone Repair and replacement from FLM 380 wireless brooklyn services

We are often asked to fix phone batteries where the user started the repair but could not finish it. You can avoid that mess with our affordable iPhone repairs.

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