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Established in 2013. When we start cell phone repair it was as a hobby for us and by the past two years we converted it into a cell phone repair shop that is located in Brooklyn which offers repair services like screen or battery replacement for any iPhones, Samsung, tablets

Has your kid drowned your iPhone or iPad in a bucket of water or your coworker has dropped your Samsung and cracked the screen on it? Whatever the cause might be, even a day without these gadgets makes our life difficult.We specialize in Samsung, iPad and iPhone Repair. Our services include free diagnostic for gadgets, we fix cracked top glass or in some cases, LCD screen replacement for you Samsung,iPhone or iPad product, also repair water or liquid damage that was done to your device.


For the customers that are with problems charging their phone iPad or tablet, we offer charging port repair or replacing service. If you charge your phone fully and in the middle of the day the battery shows 5% that means its time to replace the battery,iPhone and Samsung battery replacement are done at our shop on a daily basis.
Speaker and microphone are a common problem for the iPhone and Samsung so if you cant hear or nobody can hear you, fixing speaker or mic will solve this problem.
And of course taking pictures this is something that is done on a high scale nowadays so if you have any issues with your back or front camera our services covers even that.

Any other problems like the home button, volume and power buttons, software issues or any other problems are fixed on a finger click by our professional technicians. If you are looking for a reliable cell phone repair shop in Brooklyn, you can never go wrong with FLM 380 Wireless. Quality cell phone repair service that you can count on

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