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Self-Service Repair by Apple is already accessible in the United States, with plans to spread to other countries later this year, starting with Europe. More than 200 specific parts and tools for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 ranges and the iPhone SE are available in the new online shop (3rd generation).

Later this year, the service will include manuals, parts, and tools for repairing Mac computers with Apple silicon. Torque drivers, maintenance trays, displays, battery presses, and other high-quality tools are available via Self-Service Repair.

Apple has almost doubled its centers with genuine Apple parts, tools, and training. Over 5,000 Apple Authorized Service Providers serve 100,000 active technicians worldwide. 8/10 Apple consumers can find an approved service provider within 20 minutes in the US.

Here is a detailed review of this self-repair service from Apple.

Apple Self Service Repair Highlights

It’s critical that a client first reviews the repair manual to ensure they can safely repair it. Then, utilizing the Apple Self-Service Repair Online Store, the consumer will place an order for Apple genuine parts and tools. Customers who return their old components for recycling get a credit against their purchase after completing the repair.

Customers will be able to execute the most frequent iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 fixes at the new shop, including over 200 distinct parts and tools.

Individual professionals with the skills and competence to repair electronic equipment are encouraged to use Self-Service Repair. The safest and most reliable option for most clients to receive a repair is to go to a professional repair service with licensed technicians that utilize genuine Apple parts.

Note: Using the self-service repair option means that future part usage is restricted. Each iPhone fixed in this manner has an expiry date. Follow this link to know you can still have your Apple device fixed without such future restrictions.

Expanded Access to Apple Repairs

In the last three years, Apple has almost tripled the number of service sites that have access to Apple’s genuine components, tools, and expertise, including over 2,800 independent repair providers. The fast-growing Independent Repair Provider program began in the US in 2019 and expanded to over 200 countries. Besides, it allows independent repair businesses to access the same preparation, tools, and gear as other Apple Authorized Professionals.

Furthermore, Apple provides consumers with simple repair choices via its worldwide network of over 5,000 Apple Authorized Service Providers (AASPs), which assist millions of people with both in-warranty and out-of-warranty services for all Apple devices.

Note: Apple’s new self-service repair program may cost you more. Any damage to the phone will void the warranty, forcing you to purchase a new phone. Our iPhone and Mac repair services let you sit back and save some dollars after repairs or replacements.

Customers benefit from a long-lasting solution that retains its value for years by developing goods for longevity, durability, and greater repairability. Apple also releases software upgrades regularly to provide new features and capabilities.

How to Use the Self-Service Repair Service by Apple

Self-Service Repair is for those who know how to repair electrical equipment and have experience doing it. Self-Service Repair gives you access to genuine Apple parts, tools, and repair instructions, so you may do your out-of-warranty repairs if you are familiar with the difficulties of mending electrical equipment. Perform a range of out-of-warranty iPhone repairs, including the display and battery replacements, by following these instructions.

Consult a repair manual before starting.

Read the repair instructions to know the methods involved and the parts, tools, and materials necessary for your iPhone model and kind of Repair. The repair manual ID helps to acquire genuine Apple parts and tools. In the manual’s introduction, you’ll discover the manual ID.

Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t sell repair kits for phones before the 12 series. Learn more about how FLM380 device repair technicians cover you if you have a pre-12 iPhone or older model.

Place an order for Apple device repair parts and tools.

The Self-Service Repair Store sells genuine Apple parts and rents or sells professional-grade tools. Apple has approved a third-party vendor to sell genuine Apple parts and tools, and they run the online shop.

Genuine Apple parts fit each device and put through rigorous testing to ensure quality, integrity, safety, and dependability. The professional-grade tools can endure the rigors of high-volume everyday usage so they can securely and successfully repair Apple devices time after time. We supply Apple Authorized Service providers with the same parts and tools.

Genuine Apple parts need your product serial number, often known as the IMEI. Find out how to locate your Apple product’s serial number.

After placing your order, go to the Self-Service Repair Store to check on the progress of your order. The system will not know your order to Apple.

Make a device Repair.

Pursuing this further, follow the technical instructions in the repair manual to complete the Repair after you’ve received the genuine Apple parts.

After your Repair, you may need to do a System Configuration step. System Configuration is a post-repair software program for genuine Apple parts that completes the Repair. If System Configuration is needed, the repair manual will state so. To begin System Configuration, you must first contact the Self-Service Repair Store’s support staff by chat or phone.

Note: There is a learning curve, and many individuals may spend hours learning how to execute a repair. See how we help you save time and effort through our certified device repair pros.

Recycle the replacement component.

You will be able to return worn or broken parts replaced during your Repair to Apple, like repairs done by Apple, Apple Authorized Service Providers, and Independent Repair Providers, so that they may be ethically reconditioned or recycled.

When you return a replacement component from your Apple device, you may be eligible for credit on certain repair types. You may find more information on how to return replacement parts at the Self-Service Repair Store.

Unfortunately, Apple’s new FLM380 repair kit is aimed at professionals, not consumers. The kit can repair iPhones, Macs, PCs, gaming consoles, and other electronic devices. Trust us to do your repair quickly and correctly the first time, bypassing Apple’s constraints.

FAQs on DIY Apple Device Fixes

Everything worth knowing about the Apple Self-Service Repair Online Store. Read the next section to find answers to the commonly asked questions about Apple’s new feature.

Can you repair Apple products yourself?

Customers may begin the Self-Service Repair procedure by visiting and reviewing the repair guide for the device they wish to fix. They may then order the required parts and tools from the Apple Self-Service Repair Store.

What is the Apple self service repair program?

Apple’s self-servicing account (SSA) service is for institutions and corporations that want to repair their goods. Qualifying organizations may obtain access to Apple spares, supplies, orientation, service manuals, diagnostics, and resources to execute these repairs.

Is Apple self service repair service free?

If your iPhone problem is covered by Apple’s warranty, AppleCare+, or consumer legislation, there is no fee. Accidental damage, on the other hand, is subject to a fine.

Does Apple do repair centers?

The Apple Store or one of our Apple Authorized Service Providers may provide Apple-certified repairs and service. You may also take your iPhone to an Apple Service Center for Repair. Apple training is provided to all technicians at these sites. Using genuine Apple parts, they provide the same high-quality service.

How long does AppleCare last?

AppleCare and AppleCare+ are two different types of Official apple coverage.

AppleCare+, which gives up to two or three years of hardware coverage (depending on the model) and support for up to two occurrences of possible damage every 12 months, is Apple’s guarantee plan for most products (subject to service fees).

What reasons Will Apple replace iPhone?

This is how Apple determines if you are eligible for a free iPhone maintenance and Repair.

  • Damages and problems in general. Apple’s warranty covers trash beneath the screen, camera foam misalignment, and a single hairline fracture that does not indicate being caused by a drop or collision. …
  • There’s been a lot of water damage.
  • Discoloration.

What is self-service on a MacBook?

You may update or install prepackaged software on your Apple Macintosh machine using the Self-Service Application. In the Applications folder, you’ll find Self-Service. One may locate software in the categories area on the left-hand side of the program or in the app’s upper-left corner using the search box.

What is Apple’s replacement policy?

For 12 months from buying, the Apple Limited Warranty protects your iPhone and Apple-branded products against manufacturing defects. The Apple Extended Warranty covers any legal rights you may have as a consumer. Accidental or illegal alterations do not fall within the scope of our guarantee.

Does Apple use new parts for repairs?

When a device needs to be fixed, it may be serviced by certified professionals with Apple quality materials at tens of thousands of locations, as for Apple (in-store or by mail), AASPs (Independent Repair Providers), and now product owners who can make repairs themselves.

How do I claim AppleCare?

In a store (inspection of iPhone and proof of purchase are required). Call 800-275-2273 to learn more (requires you to run a remote diagnostic and provide proof of purchase)

How long does it take Apple to fix a screen?

They will give you a time estimate of 2 hours, but they may be able to complete it in 10-20 minutes. Let it go and have some lunch.

How much does it cost to replace iPhone charging port?

Professional iPhone charging port replacement costs between $79 and $599, depending on your model – but bear in mind that Apple’s repair charges will skew that range. Mail-in repair services like iFixYouri and iFixScreens charge between $100 and $120 for charging port repair.

Does Apple replace your phone with a new one?

If AppleCare replaces your device during the first 14 days after purchase, you will get a completely new phone. AppleCare will replace your device with a reconditioned one after 14 days.

Does AppleCare cover water damage?

Every response. Water damage is not covered by either the one-year original or the two-year AppleCare+ extended warranty. AppleCare+, on the other hand, has a deductible and will cover up to two incidents of hardware damage, including water damage. Whether you have AppleCare or AppleCare+, water damage isn’t covered. Luckily, FLM380 offers water damage repair on iPhones, MacBook, MacBook Air, and any products that are out of warranty for repair. We can service it, and Apple doesn’t offer that service to the customer. Here is what we can do to save your damaged device.

Can you repair iPhone 13 using the Apple Self Service?

Repairing an iPhone 13 or iPhone 12 will get a little bit simpler, as Apple will soon let you do it yourself. Self-Service Repair, which enables customers to access instructions and parts for iPhone repairs, has been revealed by the business.

How do I get Apple GSX?

Visit for more information. To create a GSX account, click here. A service contract with Apple is required to apply for a GSX account. For additional information about GSX, contact your Apple Account Executive.

How do you get the self-service app on iPad?

Here is How to Access an iPad App Using Self-Service

  • On your school-issued iPad, open Self-Service.
  • Look through the Self-Service Library or use the search bar to find the app.
  • Find the “Install” option. Then download and install the tool on your smartphone by tapping the app.
  • When the program is installed on your iPad, you’ll notice a checkmark.

Final Thoughts on Apple Self Service Repair Online Store

Apple’s self-servicing account allows users to repair their goods. Repair services like iFixYouri and iFixScreens charge between $100 and $120 for charging port repair. Neither the original one-year warranty or the two-year AppleCare+ covers cases of water damage. Luckily, FLM380 offers water damage repair on iPhones, MacBook, MacBook Air, and any products that are out of warranty for repair. We can service it, and Apple doesn’t offer that service to the customer. Here is what we can do to save your damaged device.

Remember, the Apple self-service repair store online might be futile in terms of cost. The only money you save is via Apple’s recycling program. Learn more about our cost-effective options for iPhone or MacBook repairs and replacements at FLM380.

Access repair guides and original Apple toolkits at the Apple Self-Service Repair Store. The pieces are the same as those available via Apple’s approved repair network, and they cost the same. Torque drivers, service trays, battery and display presses, and other equipment are among the tools available. They’ve been specifically created to provide the greatest Apple device repairs.

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