Apple to Launch a Self-Service Repair Program in Early 2022

The self-service repair program by Apple is a big announcement to the repair industry.

The service will focus on basic repairs such as the replacement of batteries, screen repairs, and camera modules.

In addition, the repair service helps the small repair shops access the instructions, tools, and spare parts for Apple products.

This repair program will provide the user with an advanced resource system. It will also come at affordable prices compared to the price when Apple does the repair for you.

The repair service will be an added advantage to the independent repair shops; they will use the opportunity to obtain genuine spare parts as they already know the repair services.

The availability of spare parts means Apple will encounter competition from these shops.

Here are some details that we know so far.

How is the Self-Repair Service Expected to Work?

Customers are required to sign up for self-service to access the instructions given for repairing the device. 

The company will take you to an online store where you can get the spare parts and genuine ones for that case. The online shops are as good as the iFixit stores.

According to Apple, customers who will access this self-service will join over 2800 Independent Repair Providers and over 5000 Apple Authorized Service Providers in accessing tools, spare parts, and manuals.

When you obtain the new parts, you can repair your device at home. The best part is you can return the broken parts for recycling and receive a discount.

As much as the repair program is self-service, most customers may not be comfortable opening the devices independently. 

For this reason, Apple made it clear that the service is designed for” individual technicians” who are confident about following the instructions and making the repairs.

What is the Impact of the Repair Service on the Environment?

Apple mentioned that after the self-repair service, the old parts could be returned for recycling, a great way of reducing waste in the environment.

The amount of waste disposed of will reduce as more people will consider giving back damaged parts to the company for discounts. 

The waste products are developed into better devices.

What Devices Will Have Access to Self-Service Repair?

Apple made it clear that the service will begin with iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 and afterward expand to the M1 Mac computers as the year 2022 proceeds.

The company explained that they would first focus on commonly repaired parts, including the screen, camera, and iPhone battery.

Although they didn’t mention whether they will stretch their repair to outdated devices, maybe they will consider them as the year goes by. However, most of the users are using the latest versions of the iPhone.

We are also not aware of what repair services will be available for the mac, built as soon as the self-service is launched, we will get to know more.

At What Cost Will I Access the Self-Repair Service?

In their press release, Apple did not give the amount they would charge for the self-service.

However, from the information they gave out, it’s evident that the services may be cheaper than visiting the apple stores. 

The store charges up to $329 for screen replacement and $69 for battery replacement.

We can get an idea of what prices to expect from the newly developed service by Apple by looking at third-party repair services and iFixit. 

Third-party repair services can charge an average of $250 for a high-quality screen replacement, $60 for battery replacement.

We expect the price of the self-service repair to be either in the range of third-party repair cost or below that since they will be their competitors in the field.

I am sure you won’t prefer paying a higher fee for self-service, yet the same can be done for you at a lower cost, right?

Although it’s still unsure if Apple can offer genuine spare parts at a lower price, it still makes sense since the company has the spare parts, and they will not incur an extra cost to acquire them.

The original spare parts may require you to dig deeper into your pocket compared to the non-genuine parts. 

The non-genuine parts will only give you temporary happiness as you may find yourself in the shops again.

Going for non-genuine spare parts also affects some of the features of Apple products such as Multi-Touch, brightness and Face ID. There have been cases of the battery draining faster than it should.

What is the Take of Other Companies?

So far, other companies that compete with Apple have remained silent about the announcement. The press conference came as a surprise and was unexpected.

We are not sure if any tech company is considering the idea since none has spoken about it publicly.

Apple has set the ball rolling, and maybe as the year 2022 proceeds, who knows, we may get to hear from them.

Final Word

We all agree that self-service repair is a great idea; it brings the services closer to the customers. Although the company did not give detailed information on what to expect from the service, we expect it to repair all Apple devices. The advances are expected to take place as the year 2022 proceeds.

Other technology companies may embrace the ideas for better customer service; for now, let’s wait and see what the company has for us.

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