15 Easy Tips to Increase Your Smartphone’s Battery Life

One of the most common complaints that people have about their smartphones is unsatisfactory battery life. However, learning how to boost your android battery life is the best skill ever.

Many smartphones don’t live up to the expected time to complete any task you throw at them, which can be highly infuriating.

However, various factors may result in low battery life, including camera, screen refresh rate, screen brightness, and the number of operations in the background. 

If you’re looking for ways to boost your android battery life, this article has got you covered.

Let’s see how.

Most Useful Tips to Boost Your Android Battery Life 

1. Don’t Leave your Phone in a Low-Power State

Leaving your phone to charge in a low-power environment causes the battery to charge abnormally and, in most cases, slower than usual.

Therefore, if you want your phone battery to last longer, you should not charge your phone in a low electrical current condition.

2. Don’t Use the Phone When Connected to a Charger

Boost your android battery life

Using the phone while charging reduces the battery’s lifespan. When you use your phone while it charges, it draws power directly from the charger, reducing the power handed over to the battery.

As most smartphones have large batteries, such as the TECNO Pouvoir series with a 6,000mAh battery and others with a 5,000mAh battery, take your time charging the battery and then proceed to utilize it, rather than using them right while charging.

3. Do not install any Inappropriate Applications 

Our phone storage is large enough to accommodate many apps, but how frequently do we use those apps? 

Keeping unnecessary apps on your phone consumes more battery power. Consider uninstalling apps that are redundant or that you don’t need on your phone. 

If you have some essential apps that you don’t use often, consider placing them in the freezer on your TECNO, itel, or Infinix smartphones to help you boost your phone battery.

4. Avoid Using Your Phone in Hot Temperatures.

In extreme temperatures, the battery loses more power than in average temperatures. To extend the life of a cell phone battery, always avoid using it in high temperatures, especially while walking through the sun. 

If you need to respond to an important text message on a hot sunny day, you can do so in a place with enough shade to cover the phone. 

Moreover, you should avoid playing games or using the camera in direct sunlight, since this causes the phone to become hot and quickly drains the battery. 

If you work in a hot environment, like a bakery, use your phone sparingly or find a more temperate location.

5. Switch off Location while not in Use

Turning on the location while not in use can drain your battery faster than usual. Therefore, to boost your android battery life, think about turning off your location while you’re using your phone.

On the contrary, that’s a different case if you’re operating on Android 10 or later. 

You don’t need to trouble yourself about turning off the location after use, though all you have to do is set the number of applications that can utilize your location in the background. 

To do that, you can open the Settings app, click on the location, and later click on App permission to configure what application can use your location in the background.

6. Keep an Eye on Your Network Data

Network data can strain your battery. Therefore, only utilize Wi-Fi whenever possible. Moreover, remember to turn on your Wi-Fi and connect to a network while at home or (whenever possible) in public places.

Additionally, you can choose to stop your phone from utilizing cellular data by switching off sim data services in the quick settings panel on your smartphone. 

What’s even better, you can use Airplane Mode to inactivate all data network structures and turn on Wi-Fi, although this disrupts incoming text messages and calls.

7. Use Wi-Fi when available

extending your android battery life

Alongside watching your network data’s progress, you should use Wi-Fi if it is available. Wi-Fi does not only save data but also uses less battery span than a cellular connection. 

You should not forget to turn on Wi-Fi at home.  You can also ask for the internet password if you’re in a café or at a friend’s apartment, don’t be shy!

8. Silence Your Phone

If your phone keeps on buzzing and beeping with notifications, it can be pretty annoying and drain your battery fast, so knock it off. 

The thing is, your phone must trigger an internal motor for it to buzz, which uses energy. 

To turn down the vibration intensity, go into the vibration and sound settings. There, you can also halt haptic feedback to avoid vibration while touching the screen or typing.  

9. Rethink Wallpaper and Widgets

Shun away from moving wallpaper since it requires energy for it to be animated by your display. 

It’s also crucial to limit yourself to a background with a smaller amount of colors, as the display will consume more energy if it requires rendering a lot of diverse colors. 

Again, you should consider using black if you have an OLED screen.

While widgets seem convenient and tempting, they are fundamentally an active program functional right from your home screen, meaning the phone utilizes energy to keep the feature running. 

Therefore, if your battery’s lifespan is problematic, learn to say no to these small guys.

10. Switch on Airplane Mode

Turning off airplane mode is another brilliant hack to apply when your battery starts to run low. This process helps turn off various features that eat up power. 

Some of these features are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth but in case you want to use any of them, you’ll have to switch them on manually without turning on Airplane Mode.

11. Purchase a Portable Case or Battery 

Do you want a long-lasting battery but don’t want to do anything out of the ordinary? If yes, that’s fine. 

You can always find excellent power banks that are compatible with any phone. You can also get a battery case that fits your phone exactly. 

And just to remind you, don’t forget to take them with you when you leave your house.

12. Find a New Battery

After having followed the above guides continuously, your phone should have a better battery lifespan. But in case you don’t spot any better variations afterward, the highest chance is that your battery has to be replaced.

Even better, you can march into a trusted store to buy a new battery if it’s a removable one.

Moreover, if it not, you might not be competent enough to replace the inbuilt battery on your own. You’ll want to call a technician.

13. Use your Original Charger Always

The kind of charger you charge with also has an impact on battery life. The top charger to charge your phone with is the one packed with the phone. 

However, if it is damaged, make sure you purchase the original charger that suits your phone to make your phone battery life longer.

Note that every phone is designed to charge at a particular current. Therefore, any attempt to use a charger with lower or higher capacity will harm the battery. 

Some might not even charge the specific phones. Therefore, if you’re to buy a new charger, ensure you equate the power rating with the original phone charger.

14. Avoid Overusing or Overcharging the Phone

To be specific, the time taken in fully draining a charged battery depends on the type of applications used, time of usage, the screen brightness, and period spent on the screen. 

To render your phone battery long-lasting, purpose not to overcharge the phone and avoid overusing it.

To make sure you’re not overusing your device, you ought to take breaks often after hours of intensive gaming or usage.

More so, always be sure to disconnect your phone after you’re done with charging. You can also charge your device around 20 -80% almost every time to boost the durability of your phone battery.

15. Lower the Screen Brightness

Out of every process or app operating on your phone, the screen carries a significant impact on battery life. 

Moreover, it is always the top feature documented by Android that drains the battery. 

To boost battery life on your android phone, you should consider turning down the brightness in most situations.

Wrapping Up

It is vital to handle your phone in a manner that will make it last longer.

We can all agree that sometimes phones can be pretty frustrating, especially when your battery can longer hold a charge as it used to.

You don’t want to throw around your money replacing your phone battery, but you can prevent all these from happening.

Be cautious on how you handle your phone, and if possible, handle it like a gem!

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