9 Common iPhone 12 Problems and How to Fix Them

iPhone 12 is one of the latest achievements of the Apple brand. It comes with great features.

However, this doesn’t mean there are no common iPhone problems facing this device; you may have come across some complaints too. 

The best part is a solution for some issues either at home or at the Apple stores have been found. After all, there is no perfect smartphone.

Here are several common problem facing the iPhone 12 and how you can fix them.

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The Most Common iPhone Problems and Their Fixes

1. Activation Problems

common iPhone Problems

With a new iPhone 12; I am sure you are eager to activate it and start using it. However, as you try to activate it, the loading takes forever.

Don’t panic; this has been a common problem with iPhone 12 and iPhone pro. Maybe you have come across complaints on various platforms.

Here are some techniques you can apply for faster activation.

Stop rushing to other procedures before thinking of restarting your phone. This method works on some activation problems.

Remember to check the updates on your phone and update to the latest IOS version.

Having an operational plan with your wireless carrier will make it better.

2. 5G Connectivity Hitch

iPhone 12 is one of the Apple devices that support 5G network with a commendable network speed. However, it is in the new stages and could experience hitches in some cases.

The 5G icon on your iPhone 12 doesn’t mean it’s connected to a 5G network. There are cases of failed connections. 

Some iPhone 12 users have been forced to switch to the 4G network. Some phones switch to the 4G network by themselves and fail to reconnect automatically.

To fix this, click on the airplane mode and switch it on and off several times. It may restore your 5G services. If this fails to work, go to your phone settings, and reset the network.

A 5G UW icon is the only assurance that you will experience higher speed and faster downloads.

3. Charging Issues

As an iPhone 12 user, you may have experienced a situation where you leave your phone to charge overnight only to find it at 80%, a disappointing experience indeed.

This situation is caused by the optimized charging characteristic of your IOS version. This optimization is used to increase your battery life.

When using wireless charging, try removing the case for better charging.

4. Easily Scratched Display

Nobody wants a scratched screen. Pulling your new phone from the pocket and finding a scratch is disappointing.

An iPhone 12 display gets scratched easily. There have been complaints from people who prefer using the phone without a protector. 

The ceramic shield, which is one of the most durable glass, is highly exposed to scratching. A softer glass will protect it.

A screen protector is a perfect solution for scratching; this way, scratches won’t reach the ceramic glass. The good news is that there are a variety of screen protectors to choose from for your iPhone 12.

Purchasing a pouch for your phone will save you from distress. Make sure it is in a different pocket from other items such as keys.

If the scratching has already happened, use your toothpaste, it is a commonly used way of removing scratches. Don’t use the gel type for this case.

5. Bluetooth Problem

Bluetooth failure to connect has been a common issue. There have been complaints from both iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 pro users that the Bluetooth device is not pairing.

To solve the problem, first, make sure you forget all devices connected to your phone. Tap on the Bluetooth icon, select connection, and tap “Forget this Device.”

If this process does not work, consider resetting your network setting. It also resets all known Wi-Fi, and you must re-enter the passwords to access them.

If all these fail, contact the Apple customer care service, and they will offer a solution.

6. Lens Flare

iPhone Problems Solutions

Apple came up with better lenses that help improve imaging performances. Despite the improvements on iPhone 12, there are cases of lens flare in these phones.

It’s not a new common iPhone problems. It has happened to other versions of the iPhone, such as the iPhone 11. Although there are no permanent solutions for the flare, putting anti-glare coatings on your phone will reduce reflections. 

Your phone cases may alter the quality of captioned images; if you can use the phone without it will be better if you remove it. Don’t forget to update your iOS version.

7. Overheating

The iPhone heats up while apps are running. We have experienced people reporting cases of overheating in iPhone 12. 

A notification is sent to tell you when the heat exceeds the average temperature.

Ask yourself what the causes of the overheat are. Here are some solutions that could curb overheating.

Closing most navigation apps will help immensely. Putting off your phone will cool the temperatures too.

Remove the phone casing and if the phone is exposed to direct sunlight, make sure you move.

8. Unable to Connect  Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi and network problems are annoying, especially when they come from high-profile phones. However, you can always fix your Wi-Fi problems at home.

Before concluding that your phone is the cause of Wi-Fi problems, in cases where you are using the router try to plug and unplug it.  

Now that you have checked your router and found that it has no issues, go to your phone and forget all the Wi-Fi networks giving you a hard time.

Resetting your network setting may work well too.

9. No Charger in the Box

how to fix common iPhone problems

Since Apple stopped packing its power adapter in the iPhone 12 box, there have been cases of missing chargers.

Here you are left with no option but to purchase a charger from the Apple stores or other cheaper options in the market. This phone requires a 20W power adapter.

Final Word

Now that you have learned the common problems iPhone face, you won’t experience a hard time coming to terms with these problems. With all the solutions offered, you will fix your phone at home or visit the Apple store where need be. I hope you land an iPhone 12 with no or fewer problems.

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