Why is my Phone Speaker Not Working

It can be frustrating and annoying when you want to enjoy your favorite tune on an Android phone (or even iPhone) and find the speaker needs to be fixed. Asking yourself, “why is my phone speaker not working? Don’t worry. There are many reasons they stopped working. The good news is that you can immediately fix the speaker on your iPhone or Android phone by using troubleshooting. Continue reading to learn how both iPhone and Android users can fix the problem of the speaker not working.

Have You Tested the Speaker?

Tips to Fix a Phone Speaker that is not Working
How to Fix a Phone Speaker

Testing your speakers first is a good idea before you go ahead and start fixing them. It could be that you had used them the wrong way.

You can test it by opening the music app on your phone and playing audio. If you can hear the audio, then the speakers are working. 

Try playing the music using another app; this way, you will be sure that the speaker is functioning.

While testing the speaker, remember to check for low battery. One common cause of phones not working with speakers is low battery levels.

Try connecting the phone to a charger if it isn’t usually charging. Also, use another power source if you’re having audio playback issues from the speaker. Do you still need help? Consider replacing your device’s battery instead of trying to troubleshoot further.

5 Tips to Fix ‘My iPhone Speaker is Not Working.’

5 Tips to Fix ‘My iPhone Speaker is Not Working.’
5 Tips to Fix ‘My iPhone Speaker is Not Working.’

There are various reasons why the speaker is not working. In the case of iPhones, there are two reasons why your phone speaker is not working or functioning well. Here are the main determinants:

  • Software: This part decides which sound to play and when. The signal will only reach the speakers if you experience problems with this software. The best part is; you can fix software problems at home.
  • Hardware: The speaker is the most exposed part of getting damaged in iPhones when it comes to the hardware part. 

There is a skinny piece of material that allows for the vibration of sound waves. When damaged, the speaker starts making some noises, and it may fail at any time.

Here are the tips to follow when you want to fix your phone speaker not working:

1. Disable Connection with Other Devices 

When an iPhone is close enough to connected devices such as Bluetooth or the Apple TV, it reconnects automatically. 

The phone sends its audio signals to the devices, and you aren’t aware in some cases. For example, if your phone is connected to the Apple TV and the TV speakers are off, the music continues playing.

Turn off Bluetooth and disconnect from Airplay devices such as your Apple TV. It brings back the sound if the connection had brought the fault. 

You can use the Control Center on your iPhone to disconnect your device by swiping it up from the bottom of the screen. 

Press the Bluetooth button, press and hold the music button to access the AirPlay icon, and make sure it’s off.

2. Remove the Silent Mode

Remove the Silent Mode to fix phone speaker that is not working | FLM 380 Wireless
Remove the Silent Mode to fix the phone speaker that is not working

Most people experience this; you go to a shop for repairs to find out that the phone was on silent mode, which is why it couldn’t give any sound. 

Remove your phone from silent mode to avoid this situation, and turn your volume button up. 

Is the volume not turning up using the volume button? Go to settings. Next, tap on Sounds & Haptics. Ensure the control next to the Change with Buttons is on and shows a green color.

3. Restart Your iPhone 

Rebooting your phone is the simplest DIY way to determine whether your speaker has a problem.

Any application that could have resulted in the malfunction is restarted by restarting your phone. In this case, the speaker works again.

When the speaker does not work upon restarting, the problem is not the software but the hardware; you must take the next step.

4. Update the System

Having the latest version of the IOS plays a part in fixing your sound problems.

Apple addresses problems by getting rid of outdated software. This means a system update can fix sound problems. 

Check your settings to make sure you are up to date. In case you need an update, follow these steps:

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Click on software updates, see the pending updates, and connect to a strong WIFI for a download.

5. Take Your iPhone for Repair

Is the speaker broken? Luckily, you can repair it by visiting an Apple shop near you. 

Make sure you have an appointment first before visiting the Apple Store. You can also check other alternatives like reliable experts to repair your phone speaker not working that is accessible for you. These technicians can help to restore your phone speaker not working that are accessible to you.

How to Fix a Phone Speaker Not Working for Android 

We’ve just discussed the five tips to fix or troubleshoot a phone speaker not working on an iPhone.

Android phones have a variety of ways to access and control audio. So, fixing the issue may need different steps than those outlined for iOS devices. 

Yet, some basic troubleshooting techniques are applicable across all platforms. They include Play Music, which isn’t supported on iPhones but is an integral part of Android’s multimedia experience.

Next, we’ll learn how to fix a phone speaker not working on an Android device using some basic troubleshooting steps that should work for most users.

1. Reboot Your Phone

Android phone speaker not working fixed by rebooting
Fix Android phone speaker not working by rebooting

This hack works for most devices. By restarting your device, your speaker may start functioning normally.

When restarting your phone, you can clear any caches and residual data hindering the speaker from working correctly.

To reboot your Android device:

  • Press the Power button and hold for a few seconds until you see the Menu screen
  • Then press OK.
  • Tap Settings, then tap on General.
  • Scroll to “Reboot” and tap it.
  • You will now see three options: Restart, System Update, or Shut Down (the last option).
  • Choose Reboot to restart your phone completely.

Make sure to distinguish a normal reboot from the factory reset option. Remember, the factory reset option on Android will erase all your data, including your contacts and apps.

2. Adjust the Sound Settings 

One common cause of issues with phone speakers is incorrect or outdated audio settings.

Sometimes the speaker is correct. It’s possible that the volume is set to zero. Also, maybe turning it up will improve the sound.

Make sure you change the phone from silent mode to general mode. This is achieved by flipping the switch on your phone to change the way.

Try checking the Audio output setting in your phone’s Settings. You can find this under System, then Sound & display, and finally Output.

Also, check the disturb mode setting if you are using a phone with a face-time camera, as this may disrupt the speaker.

3. Are App-Specific Sound Settings the reason your phone’s speaker is not working?

Android has various apps, most of which come with specific sound settings. For example, the volume is low if you’re listening to music through Play Music on your Android device. Adjusting the audio settings in Play Music may make a minor difference.

Are you trying to listen to podcasts through an app like Spotify or Apple Podcasts? Increasing the audio quality settings in that app may help improve sound playback.

Check out these steps for each app:

Android Devices:

Open the relevant app’s Settings menu (on iPhone, go to App Store > General). Scroll down until you see Audio Output, and tap it. You’ll see different options for increasing the volume (or changing the quality).


Open Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or another audio-playing app. On the top menu bar of your screen, near the bottom, is a switch that resembles three stacked lines. Tap this to open app Settings and change your Audio Quality setting from Low to High.

Note: There are some apps where you cannot play the sounds on the speaker because they have been disabled. 

The best way to fix this is by making sure no sounds are disabled by going to the settings menu, clicking on sound, and enabling sound settings.

For apps that have been disabled, you may need to uninstall and reinstall the app.

iOS devices do not come with a built-in speaker. If the issue is with audio coming from an iOS device, then some settings will likely need to be adjusted on the device.

4. Use Safe Mode 

This mode allows your phone to load only essential files for your device to turn on. 

Unlike the case with “Disturb Mode,” which only disables certain features while keeping the rest of your phone functional, safe mode will completely shut down your device. 

This is useful if you have lost all your data and need to start from scratch. You can access safe Mode by turning off your phone and then holding down Power and Volume Down until you see a screen that says “Safe Mode.” From there, you should follow the on-screen instructions to enter safe mode

Additionally, some apps you may have installed may cause problems for the speaker, this model helps troubleshoot, and you can get rid of the apps.

The best part is normal mode does not deprive you of the freedom to use any apps; it functions as well in the usual way. After this, your sound can be back.

5. Clean the Speaker 

The speaker may gather some dust particles that hinder it from functioning well. 

Cleaning the speaker will help fix the issue; use a clean cloth to wipe it and the areas around if a lot of dust has accumulated, seek technical assistance.

Also, cleaning the area around the speaker with a damp cloth may help fix the problem causing the speaker of the iPhone or Android device to stop working.


Why is my phone speaker not working, but my headphones do?

There are a few reasons your phone’s speaker may stop working, but your headphones still work.

  • The first possibility is interference from other electronics in the environment, such as radios and televisions. Try moving these devices if you’re having trouble connecting your iPhone to the dock or using Bluetooth with other devices.
  • If the speakers are not functioning correctly, they may need to be replaced. You can do this through Apple’s support website or a service center, depending on where you bought your device.”

Why is only one phone speaker not working?

There could be a few reasons why only one phone speaker may not be working.

  • One possibility is that the wire connecting to the phone’s speaker may have come loose or broken. If this happens, try tightening it with a coin or screwdriver.
  • Another possibility is that there may be dust and debris inside the speaker. Clean them using a damp cloth before they can function again.”

Explain why my iPhone speaker is not working on calls.

The iPhone speaker is only sometimes necessary for making calls, as you can improve call quality with a good headset or by using VoIP. If you need help receiving calls and your phone’s speaker is working correctly, it may be because the calling party needs better reception in your area.

Is my android speaker not working during a call?

Your android speaker may not be working during calls if it has gone out of battery. If you have a headset, try shaking the phone to wake the speaker and then make the call. If you use an external speaker, check that it is plugged into a power source and turned on.”

Why is the speaker of my Android Phone not working after getting wet?

If your Android device’s speaker was wet when it went out of battery, there is a good chance that moisture caused corrosion on the battery terminals. This can cause short circuits and damage to the phone’s electronics.”

How do I clean my iPhone speakers?

If your iPhone speakers are not working correctly, you will need to clean them before you can use them again. Use a damp cloth to wipe down both sides of the speaker until all evidence of dirt or debris is gone. Keep any liquids or powders away from delicate electronic components like microphones.

Final Word

Having a troublesome phone speaker not working is annoying, especially when you want to make a call or receive one. With all the troubleshooting ideas offered, I hope you can fix your phone speaker for a better experience. Visiting a reliable technician will leave your speaker doing well. 

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