When to Replace a Phone Battery

The majority of smartphones have non-removable batteries, which is why, when you want to replace your phone battery it can take a lot of time and money in some cases.

This isn’t something you should take on your own unless you’ve worked on fixing phones since you may cause more damage. 

It could be a long project in which you need to take your phone apart. In the latest models, you need to remove the screen from all its wires and sensors. 

This raises the question: when should you replace the battery in your phone?

Here are some signs that will determine if you need to replace your phone battery or not.

Let’s find out!

The Best Time to Replace Your Phone Battery

1. The Phone Overheats

replace your phone battery

If your phone becomes hotter than usual while it’s charging or lying flat across your table, it’s a sign that you need to change the battery.

Most of the time, it is difficult to determine the temperature that your phone will be experiencing at different times. 

Since you use it every day, you need to learn how to distinguish between and unusual temperatures. 

Therefore, if you notice that your phone is becoming too hot, whether you are charging it or even not charging, then you should take it to the repair center as fast as possible! Otherwise, if you don’t take it for repair, it could damage the whole device.

2. The Battery Depletes Faster Than Usual

The most typical indication that you should replace your phone battery is when it is struggling to maintain a sufficient charge as it did before. 

If your battery drains more quickly than usual, it is likely due for replacement.

For instance, if you were used to having at least 9 hours on your screen before the change, but it’s now less than 5 hours, this might be an indication that your battery is getting older. 

However, if you downloaded a battery-draining upgrade or application recently, this might not be the case. 

For instance, if the battery percentage varies drastically (like a 10% drop in a single day) after disconnecting it from the charger, or when you use it in any way, you might need to replace it.

3. If it Doesn’t Charge Fully

phone battery replacement

If your phone battery cannot charge fully, it is an indication that you should replace it

The batteries in smartphones are designed to fully recharge within a couple of hours, dependent on the battery’s capacity and the charging speed technology. 

When your phone takes a lot of time to charge, regardless of how long you connect it to the charger, it indicates that it’s not durable anymore.

However, before jumping to conclusions, you could try to turn off your device and allow it to charge for several hours. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, then that means you are not mistaken. 

Clearly, the battery has had a lot!

4. Functioning Only When Connected to a Charger

If your phone is dead and you’ve eliminated all possibilities of the screen being damaged, you can now move to the next step. 

Connect your charger to your phone and watch it for a couple of minutes. If your phone is charging and starts working, that’s fantastic. 

Next, you’ll need to disconnect the charger. If it stops working when the charger is plugged out, then the battery is dead. 

This is evident that your phone will function only when it draws energy from the charger.

5. When your Device Starts to Swell

Not only when it boils, but the phone changing to another odd form is also an indication that you’ll need to replace the battery. 

If you observe that the shape or size of your phone has changed from what it was, make sure you check it thoroughly to determine whether it’s bulging. 

However, if you’ve kept a case on it, you can remove it to inspect the back cover for any flaws.

If you notice that your phone is bulging, swelling, or becoming too hot, these are indications of a dead battery. Therefore, you need to stop using it and bring it to a repair shop to avoid more damage. 

Furthermore, there have been instances where phones explode due to the battery being defective. 

Do you want this to happen to you? I thought so too.

Generally, replacing the battery in a smartphone isn’t as costly as replacing the display. 

Hence, if you’re concerned that your battery isn’t adequate, you should visit the repair service provider authorized for the brand you use for replacement.

6. It Won’t Just Switch On

This is the most straightforward method to tell if the battery has sufficient power. As with everything else that isn’t powered, the phone will not start. 

However, suppose you’re still hearing notifications on your phone or are experiencing indicators of power, although the display is black. In that case, you likely have a problem with the display and not the battery. 

There’s also a possibility it could be the charger you use, so ensure you try an alternative charger to ensure it’s your battery.

Wrapping up!

The days are gone when one could pick the old battery from their phone and replace it with a new one.

The technology has upgraded over the years and now it is vital to follow some crucial steps from a skilled technician to go through and replace your phone battery.

If you own an Android phone or iPhone and notice that the battery has gone out, take it to any trusted repair center. They can help! 

This is where you can get the original replacement battery and technicians who are specially trained to the phone you have.

In addition, they can also replace your phone battery without a penny if its under warranty.

Trying to replace the phone’s internal battery on your own might sound like a good idea. Well, it’s not! Don’t do it. 

It could end up damaging the entire device later on. Just visit your service provider’s official website to identify the issue and resolve it if you find it hard to walk to a repair shop!

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