Water Damage | How to Save Your Cell Phone

the best measures and What to Do Immediately If Your Phone Has Fallen in Water

Just imagine holding the phone for a minute, then it drops in water without warning. The worst thing is that the water comes in. We all know that water and a smartphone cannot mix. It contributes to liquid damage, which, if you do not respond quickly, can be permanent.

Is your new handset’s system an Android, Windows, or an iPhone? If so, it is horrible for you to lose it by mistake (or on purpose if you are in a moment of anger). The first thing you can do for your sake and recovery is grab the phone for whatever cause it happened! The quicker you get the phone out of the water, the better your chances are saving your device from water damage. However, if it falls into a large body of water, it may be a lost cause. 

It’s not a smart philosophy to gamble your life to save your phone. So, in this situation, moaning and setting your sights on a new phone will be alright.

Read on the following sections to find more ways to save a phone that just dropped in the water.

How to avoid water damage after grabbing your phone

Here are the next steps you can take when you have your wet phone in your lap. 

Note, keeping calm during all of this is crucial. Your patience will make you understand what to do next in the entire process.

Power off to avoid liquid damage

It is easy for someone to attempt to use CPR as a drowning victim on their devices. Doing so, though, will be counter-intuitive to your intention of reviving it after the crash.

 Phone Has dropped in Water
Power off to prevent water damage

Switching your phone off helps prevent the electrical current from flowing through the waterlogged circuits of your phone. Leaving your device powered on means that water and power will trigger a short break to kill your phone. So, once you are confident it is dry, you need to hold your phone off.

Don’t plug in your device.

You can plan to plug your adapter in just to ensure your system continues to operate. However, according to experts, don’t please plug an adapter in a water damaged phone. If anything, you’re going to escalate the situation.

If you plug in your iPhone, it activates the components inside, and damage eventually spreads. That’s not what you want.

Plugging-in a phone that dropped in water even brings the issue of short-circuiting.

Don’t use DIY after Water Damage

Indeed, you and your mates may attempt to save your smartphone on their own in various ways. Though some recommend such DIY approaches, however, most of them are of no benefit.

You might have been helped by your buddies to blow your soaked system out. This is a technique that you should avoid with your liquid damaged phone.

You can transfer particles to internal pieces, mainly when your phone is wet on the beach, that was not in the first place damaged.

The hack of the rice grain is not ideal. Rice is not a drying agent, so throwing your wet system in a bowl of rice is needless. It will only do further harm to your system. It does little if anything at all.

Do not wait days for the wet cell phone to act. It could be dry or safe at the time, but it could be too late to change almost anything. Let us fix your phone immediately after you dropped it in the water. 

Send it out for repairs.

It is indeed quite stressful to dry the phone and attempt to save it. But it shouldn’t be, since individual smartphone repair firms will do the job for you out there. They may help you prevent water damage.

Check for mobile repair firms inside your areas who will fix your problems. Ask your mates if they would give them recommendations, too.

Some device repair providers say you get your repaired phone ASAP. The quicker you send your computer to the experts, the better they will decide whether your device can be saved.

These businesses have methods for saving the phone and its storage. This may involve taking the system apart. Later, the technician may put the damaged parted in dirt or sand. Generally, they use a drying agent that can get rid of the impurities.


Remember, anybody can experience it, just like you dropped your phone in water. Thus, you don’t have to be angry about it. The smartest thing you can do is to note these measures. Furthermore, you’d have a higher ability to recover your cell phone and use it again.

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