Why Is My Phone Charging So Slow? Top 5 Possible Causes

You might be wondering, what are some of the things that make phone charging so slow?

And, most importantly, how can you boost the charging process?

There are a variety of aspects that affect the charging speed of smartphones. 

These variables vary depending on the model of the phone, accessories for charging, users’ charging habits, and other factors. 

In this article, you’ll discover five possible reasons your phone is charging so slow and the solutions to the issue.

Stay with me!

1. Issues with Charging Port

Your phone will take longer to charge than usual when the charging port is damaged. 

This is because the presence of foreign materials in the port could block the transfer of electric current through the charger cable and could also slow charges. 

You can check the charging port on your phone by using a flashlight or even check whether there is dust or lint and dirt.

If you see particles on the metal contacts inside the charging port, employ a toothpick or a soft brush to pull the particles out gently. 

Use the gentlest method possible so that you don’t force the particles to the ports. You can also make use of compressed air to cleanse the port. It’s safer and is suggested by many smartphone experts.

Be careful not to blow at the ports through your mouth, as the vapours of your breath can cause corrosion to the port and cause severe harm to the phone. 

Moreover, don’t wash the port using sharp metal objects like pins, needles, or paper clips.

2. Utilizing the Phone while Charging

Are you the kind of those who have to use their smartphone while it’s charging? It could be that you’re the reason your device is taking too long to recharge.

Applications like Facebook are well-known for draining battery life on smartphones. 

The best way to see this is when trying to recharge your phone while you’re posting on social networks.

Besides, some phones struggle to supply power for use while charging simultaneously. 

Therefore, set your phone aside and let it charge without hassle.

3. Background Apps

phone charging so slow

Phones that take forever to charge could cause challenges if charged when they are in use. A malicious app or background application generally might be the reason for this.

Each Android and iOS provide tools to see which applications are currently running behind. 

On your iPhone, choose Battery within the Settings app to determine what apps are using batteries the highest.

If you have Android devices, you can check the battery usage menu under the Settings menu > Battery (or it could be in a different section, such as Device Care). 

4. Ageing Battery

If your phone has lasted for two years or more and has been used for a long time. Then this could be the right time to consider replacing the phone’s battery.

Lithium-ion batteries won’t last forever and can be recharged a specific number of times. 

This means it could be that the battery is causing slow recharge.

It’s not common that phones may feature a removable back to ensure that you could buy an additional battery and switch it out. 

It’s more likely you’ll have to bring your device to a repair shop and inquire about replacing the battery on the phone.

If a warranty still covers your iPhone or iPad, you can receive a no-cost battery replacement from any approved Apple Service Center. 

If not, you’ll have to pay a certain amount of money to have the old battery replaced.

5. Bad Accessories May Make Phone Charging So Slow

bad accessories may make phone charging take so long

The most apparent reason why your phone is slow to charge might have nothing to do with the phone itself. 

It could be due to an unsuitable adaptor or cord or a weak power source.

USB cables are often faulty, particularly in homes that have several people and gadgets. 

They can be damaged, bent, left in places where temperatures may be extremely different, and sometimes dropped on. 

So, before doing anything else, replace the cable and check whether that solves the issue.

You can also change out the adapter and test if it can make any difference. 

Wait, do you use the same adapter even after you purchase a new smartphone? It’s important to note that it’s recommended to use the latest adaptor.

The best option is to purchase chargers made by reputable companies. 

On the other hand, the charger included in your handset is the most reliable. If you buy a brand that isn’t well-known, you might find that it isn’t charging your phone at the speed you’d like. 

You’ve probably seen people charging their mobile devices with the port on their computer, right?

It’s not always the best option there is, based on the age of your computer and the different ports of your computer that are active simultaneously.

If all else is identical, you should choose the same source for charging your mobile. Also, Use a wall outlet whenever you can. Also, ensure that you’re using a safe charger.

Bottom Line!

It shouldn’t take much time to charge the battery in your phone. If you’ve noticed that it’s slowing down, it’s probably a problem to fix. 

However, you can prevent all these problems to ensure excellent battery life.

You can do this by switching off your phone during charging to increase the speed of charging. This will help keep your USB cable and phone in a good state.

Also, you should ensure to use USB cables that are in good condition and are free from damage and dirt.

A dirt-free connector port will also be of great help.

Furthermore, to speed up charging, make sure you plug your smartphone directly into the wall outlet. Do not utilize wireless charging pads or a USB port on a computer.

Let an Expert Fix It Fast

If you can’t fix the device on your own, consider taking it to an authorized service center to have a professional review the problem. At FLM380, we’ve got smartphone experts who can fix any problems associated with charging. Call us today at 1-347-450-7344. Alternatively, you can book an appointment.

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