How to Get Your Aging Smartphone’s Battery Replacement

Most people are used to replacing their smartphones every time instead of replacing the battery for the phone to last longer. You can replace your battery even though it is locked in. However, some batteries are not replaceable. Smartphone battery replacement is not as easy as you think. 

Nowadays, replaceable batteries are rare, and most phone manufacturers are not advising their customers on how they can get a new battery. To replace your battery you need professional help or do it yourself if you know.

Things You Should Consider Before Replacing the Battery

You can get repairs on the same day if you are lucky to find the battery for your phone is in stock. Some repair shops such as uBreakiFix and local Apple stores can have what you want. Replacing batteries can be very essential although it can be hard. You must be ready to stay without your phone for some time until the repair is done.

when to Get your Smartphone Battery Replaced

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If you have owned your phone for some years, and it’s beginning to show its age, you should consider replacing your battery. You should also keep on checking the health of your battery manually to know if it needs an update.

If you own an iPhone go to the settings, then to the battery, and lastly to battery health. This way, you will be able to find out the capacity value of the battery’s initial charge capacity left in percentage. You will be able to compare how much charge your battery can hold right now compared to when it was new.

If it goes down to 80% you should consider getting a new battery. Android phones work differently depending on the mode. Use the Accu Battery app to know the health of your battery. The program uses an estimate rather than an official assessment hence getting complete knowledge about the health of the battery may take a few days. If it’s less than 80% of its initial capacity you should consider replacing your battery.

How to Get Your Smartphone Battery Replacement

Find Third-Party Repair Shops For Android phones

Android phones do not have a specific person who does the repairs. u BreakiFix repair shop is one of the well-known third-party repair shops and it has locations in most states. Third-party repair shops offer repair services on the same day. Breaking gets some OEM parts from companies like Samsung and Google. This means that they can repair your phone using the same components that could be used by companies if you opted to mail it instead.

Prices for the repairs are different and you can contact them for free estimates. They are normally around $100. The company can opt to send one of their workers to repair your phone on-site, which is an alternative to mailing it to them.

Take Your phone into an Apple Store

You are lucky if you have a warranty since they will replace the battery for you free of charge. If you don’t have a warranty, you will have to pay for the repairs and the prices range from $49 to $ 69. They repair your phone on the same day and if they are not able to repair it, they send it to the Apple Repair Center where it takes 3 to 5 days to be repaired.

Send Back Your Phone

Sending your phone back to the shop for battery replacement is another option but you will have to be ready to stay without your phone for some time. Samsung is usually available for devices that are still under warranty. Take your phone to Apple Store, and get your smartphone battery replacement within 5 days .

Do it Yourself if Everything Else Fails

Bringing your phone into a store or even mailing it may not be possible in some instances. You can replace the battery on your own without mind getting dirt on your hands. Watch tutorials tips to ensure that you are following the right steps. However, I Fixit is one of the repair sites with tutorials that explains what tools you need to use and the way to disassemble your phone from the beginning to the end using photographs. You may require specialized assistance.

Bottom Line

If you have a new smartphone battery, expect it to last for a maximum of 3years under typical conditions. Make your battery last longer by charging it carefully and you should also avoid keeping it in high temperatures. However, battery troubles grow more typically at the age of two or three years. Because you are unlikely to have a warranty that will cover the high expenses for replacing your battery, you will have to choose between buying a new phone or upgrading to a newer model.

You can tell that your battery is almost dying when you notice some changes such as your phone taking time to respond to the commands. The charge draining faster more than usual or even the phone is becoming very hot when charging. The signals will help you prepare for replacing your battery. however, it is worth noting that smartphone battery replacement can expensive to some people

Do need to replace your phone aging battery we can help?

In case you choose to replace the battery on your own, you may require specialized tools. iFixit offers specialized tools that contain proprietary screwheads and other tools that you may need to use the knock your phone. Remember that nothing lasts forever especially the phone’s battery. They have a short lifespan since the powerhouse that runs Android, as well as your iPhone, are all consumables.

Because most modern Android handsets have non-removable batteries the task has become more challenging. It is not impossible, but it’s also not a minor task.  If you want to do it yourself, you will need to disassemble your smartphone before reaching the battery. You would also have to remove and reapply adhesive 

because most of the parts are stuck together. If you don’t have the necessary tools, don’t try this. 

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